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Consumers (like us!) were embracing D2C products before the COVID crisis – but now, everything has changed. More than ever before, people are looking to do online what they used to do in IRL, and the changes to the way we shop have been profound.

A new crop of brands have emerged to help fill the gap. Digital first companies are letting us visit the doctor without leaving our couch, putting the gym right into our living room and reducing the cost (and waste) in our refrigerator. But with all these new, online players comes a lot of slick marketing. Cutting through the clutter to find products and services you can trust has never been harder.


That’s why we started Fin vs Fin – to find and review the best of the best D2C products. We’ve written about and reviewed some pretty crazy products, and have found some that have totally changed our lives in the process.


We hope our reviews give you the confidence to try something new. Check out our latest reviews below!

Recent Product Reviews

If you’re looking for somewhere to start with our D2C shopping, we’ve laid out some of our favorite products below: 


  • If you like fitness tracking, then the D2C revolution has been good to you. One of our favorites is Whoop, a connected wrist band that helps you monitor your sleep, workouts and more. 
  • Staying on the fitness vibe, the home gym movement is here to say. Obviously, Peloton is the biggest name in the space, but we’re very into Mirror and Tempo (and a few related brands) that offer an “in gym” instructor experience form your house. 
  • If you’re going to stay fit, you need to eat healthy. Of course, ordering DoorDash from the local pizza place has become incredibly popular, but that’s not going to get you the fresh veggies you really need. We’ve enjoyed trying out the ugly produce delivery services like Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods. We think they are saving us money, and they are also reducing food waste. Also, who doesn’t love funny shaped carrots and zucchini?  
  • There are so many telemedicine companies that we’ve created an entire section of the site just to review them. Visit our D2C Telemedicine Review page to learn (and see) more. 
  • Speaking of innovation that helps our bodies, we can’t believe that it took a pandemic to make women focused products grow like crazy. One of the surprise, breakout “femtech” products of 2020 and 2021 were by Modibodi and Ruby Love. Visit our review to learn more. 

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