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How to Get Ketamine Therapy Online

Home β€Ί Mental Health β€Ί How to Get Ketamine Therapy Online Medically reviewed by: Dr. Steve Kim, M.D. Severe depressive disorder is one of the most incapacitating conditions. According to

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What are the best addiction recovery startups?

Best Online Addiction Treatment Startups

Program DescriptionHelps reduce dependence on:Related Reviews
tempestTempest is an alcohol recovery program that helps patients at every stage of dependence through community, education, therapy, and medication as needed.AlcoholTempest Review
zeroZero offers a smoke cessation subscription with modern nicotine replacement products.NicotineZero Smoking Cessation Review
monumentMonument is a wholistic alcohol recovery platform with tons of free resources and personalized care.AlcoholMonmuent Review
Bicycle HealthBicycle Health provides an evidenced-based medication management and various other treatment options for opioid users.OpioidsBicycle Health Review
LucyLucy offers modern nicotine replacement products including gum and mints that help you quite smoking once and for all.NicotineZero vs Lucy vs Nicorette
OpheliaOphelia is a direct-to-patient digital health platform that pairs telemedicine with life-saving medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to treat OUD (Opiod Use Disorder).OpioidsOphelia Review
Workit HealthWorkit Health offers virtual help with addiction recovery with access to licensed doctors and treatment plans for alcohol, opioids, and more.Alcohol OpioidsWorkit Health Review
sunnysideSunnyside (formerly CutBack Coach) offers an affordable online alcohol dependence recovery program for those who want to drink less.AlcoholSunnyside Review
CerebralCerebral's Opioid Use Disorder plan is a Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) plan with regular care counseling. It is specifically tailored to treat those struggling with opioid dependence.OpioidsCerebral OUD Review
LifeBacLifeBac combines FDA-approved medication with support through medication management, personal coaching, and community to offer a modern, holistic solution to alcohol over-indulgence.AlcoholLifeBac Review

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