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Rogaine vs Keeps Hair Loss Treatments

Rogaine vs Keeps: Comparing Hair Loss Prevention Treatments for Men

Which is better: Rogaine® — a trusted name in men’s hair care, or Keeps — a new player in the men’s hair loss treatment space? How well does each work, and how long do they take to show results? What are the cost differences? How does one purchase them? The good news is that we’ve tried the both – and had a doctor help us explain the science behind these two hair loss medicines.


Read on to learn how these two different ways of treating hair loss compare. But first…


Don’t panic! Most men eventually lose their hair too…


As crazy as it sounds, nearly two thirds of American men start losing their hair by the age of 35. Alopecia — the medical term for “normal” hair loss that’s not caused by any underlying medical issue — is extremely common. If you’re starting to lose your hair, just know that you’re not alone.

Thankfully, modern medicine has delivered several treatments that actually work (for most men, at least.) Rogaine is one you’ve probably already heard of, while a newer entrant to the market, Keeps, offers a nearly identical topical medicine, plus an additional option that studies have shown to be even more effective.

Rogaine vs Keeps


Should you use Rogaine or Keeps?



The medicine offered by Keeps and Rogaine is for men who are beginning to go bald. If that’s you, the time to act is right away! Doctors and researchers say that you should take action as soon as you first notice thinning. The sooner the better, in fact, to give you the best chance of stopping or reversing hair loss.



Both of these companies’ solutions are designed for men. Rogaine does have a solution for women (you can get it on Amazon here), but further along in this article we’ll discuss some of the reasons that the medicines are more appropriate for men instead of women.



As one final caveat: you should know that neither Rogaine nor Keeps really offers a “cure” for baldness. You have to use their products everyday, and the minute you stop, your hair loss is bound to continue. If you are not willing or unable to stick to a steady treatment regimen, or if you think it’s too expensive, then it’s not worth the effort. You have to be somewhat disciplined to apply the medicine each day, and somewhat patient as well given that they both can take several months to show any effect. That said, men who are highly motivated to maintain the hair in their head should absolutely use Rogaine and/or Keeps. Millions of successful hair loss patients later prove that they can definitely yield impressive results.


Rogaine vs Keeps: Treatment Comparison



As we mentioned before, Keeps offers two different treatment options that can be used individually or together. On the one hand, they offer Minoxidil (a topical ointment sold over the counter), and on the other, Finasteride (a pill taken orally that requires a doctor’s prescription). Rogaine only offers one treatment, a Minoxidil-based ointment that doesn’t require a prescription.



Since both Keeps and Rogaine offer a similar Minoxidil-based topical solution, it’s worth diving a bit deeper into this generic drug that’s proven to help slow or stop baldness in most men. As the primary ingredient in both Rogaine AND one of the medicines offered by Keeps, Minoxidil activates when you dab, drop, or rub it onto your scalp in the areas where you want to promote hair growth.



When it comes to Minoxidil, both Keeps and Rogaine offer an essentially identical product. What sets Keeps apart, however, is that it also offers Finasteride, a separate hair loss drug taken in pill form. This pill is essentially the same as Propecia® if you’ve heard of or used it before. Again, there’s a growing body of medical research that shows this treatment also works for the majority of men suffering from typical patterns of age-related baldness. Keeps typically suggests a treatment regimen that includes both Minoxidil and Finasteride, while Rogaine simply advocates for Minoxidil.



It’s worth repeating that Minoxidil is available without a prescription — that means you can get Rogaine directly off of Amazon or in your local pharmacy. Finasteride requires a prescription, which Keeps can help you get via an online doctor’s visit. Thus although finasteride has traditionally been harder to source, Keeps is on a mission to change that by saving you a trip to the doctor. Keep reading to learn exactly how they pull this off.


keeps minoxidil

Curious how much each treatment costs? To make things simpler to visualize, here’s a quick price comparison chart with additional detail on how each of these treatments work to slow hair loss:


Rogaine Vs Keeps: Minoxidil Treatment Comparison Chart

Minoxidil Comparison: Keeps vs Rogaine

How to purchasekeeps.com– In Pharmacy
Price$10 per month (Click here to get 50% off your first order!)

$42.74 for 3 months on Amazon

$14.25 per month

Shipping CostFreeFree with Prime
Subscription Available
Prescription Required
Topical Minoxidil Drops
Topical Minoxidil Foam
Most Common Side EffectSkin IrritationScalp Irritation
Ingredients (Minoxidil Drops)Minoxidil 5%
Propylene Glycol
Purified water
Minoxidil 5%
Propylene Glycol
Purified water
Other Hair Loss ProductsFinasteride (generic Propecia®)- Prescription required, which Keeps can get for you



What’s the difference between Minoxidil treatments from Rogaine vs Keeps?


Since both Keeps and Rogaine offer topical medicine for hair loss, it’s worth comparing them head-to-head. They are both Minoxidil based and need to be applied directly to your skin, or in this case, the skin on your head. Rogaine comes in both a foam and a solution that you apply with a dropper. Keeps used to only offer the dropper formula, but just recently added a minoxidil foam product as well. Here is how you apply these two different solutions for optimal results, and how long it may take you to start noticing them:


Rogaine Minoxidil Foam

Where to get it:
    • Rogaine.com – sold out at the moment
    • Amazon.com ($44.99 for a 3 pack)
How often to use:
    • Twice a day
How to use:
    • First, your hair needs to be dry
    • Move your hair to the side to expose the skin on your scalp
    • Turn the can upside down and squirt half a cap of the foam into your hand – probably on your fingers is best so you can apply it
    • Rub it into your scalp where the balding is happening
    • Now you can style your hair, including putting in hair gel or styling paste
Time it takes to notice results:
    • Three to six months


Keeps Minoxidil Foam

Where to get it:
How often to use:
    • Twice a day
How to use (same as Rogaine Minoxidil above):
    • First, your hair needs to be dry
    • Move your hair to the side to expose the skin on your scalp
    • Turn the can upside down and squirt half a cap of the foam into your hand – probably on your fingers is best so you can apply it
    • Rub it into your scalp where the balding is happening
    • Now you can style your hair, including putting in hair gel or styling paste
Time it takes to notice results:
    • Two to six months


Keeps Minoxidil Drops

Where to get it:
How often to use:
    • Twice a day
How to use:
    • First, your hair needs to be dry
    • The packaging comes with a dropper; squeeze it to bring in 1 milliliter (1 ML) of the Minoxidil solution
      • The dropper for both Keeps and Rogaine comes with a 1 ML line, so you can easily measure
    • Move your hair to the side to expose the skin on your scalp where you are losing your hair
    • Massage the liquid into your scalp where the thinning is occurring
    • Let it dry before styling your hair
Time it takes to notice results:
    • Three to six months

Is Anything More Effective than Rogaine?

Clinical studies show that Finasteride, the one other FDA approved hair loss medicine, is more effective than the active ingredient in Rogaine, Minoxidil. Studies that we have seen suggest Minoxidil is effective in around 40% of males, where as Finasteride is effective in 80%+. And combining the two medicines can be 90%+ effective.


Does Rogaine or Keeps have any side effects?

Rogaine and Keep’s Minoxidil’s most common side effect is minor skin irritation. This can make your head itchy and cause dandruff. You can reduce or stop this side effect by using an anti-dandruff shampoo like Selsun Blue.


Additionally, both providers list a slew of other potential side effects such as acne, facial swelling / hair growth, dizziness, headache, etc. – but these are exceedingly rare. Minoxidil has been used by millions of men, is well studied, and is considered quite safe.


As we mentioned earlier, these products are for men. Women should only use these medicines under the supervision of a doctor, because they are dangerous to use if pregnant. And if your significant other may become pregnant, it probably makes sense to take precautions to keep Minoxidil off her skin, pillows, etc.


If you use the second FBA approved medicine offered by Keeps (Fin) to boost the chances that the medicines are effective, you should note that there are other possible side effects (thankfully rare) that your telemedicine doctor will go over. 


What’s the best way to buy minoxidil from Keeps or Rogaine?

There are a number of places to get Minoxidil, from a pharmacy, online from e-commerce companies like Amazon, through online subscriptions like Keeps, and even directly from Rogaine.com. Which one is right from you? Here are the pros and cons of getting your hair loss treatment from these different sources.


Your local pharmacy

    • You can just walk in and get it, no waiting or clicking required!
    • Your pharmacy likely carries Rogaine, which is the original brand name offering Minoxidil.
    • You can likely get both the dropper and foaming solutions; Keeps only offers the dropper version. If you prefer foam, your pharmacy or Amazon are a good bet.
    • Your pharmacy may have different strength solutions. Keeps only offers a 5% solution, while there is a 2% Rogaine solution available in the dropper format; your pharmacy may carry this weaker version if that’s what you are looking for.
    • The price of getting Rogaine at the pharmacy may be more expensive than Keeps. We’ve seen a three pack of Rogaine (liquid) at CVS for about $52.99, which is a bit more than getting it online.


Buying Minoxidil on Amazon

You can get branded Rogaine on Amazon now, at a good price – currently $44.97 for a 3 pay of the drops; $42.72 if you subscribe. Here are some of the pros of getting it from Amazon:

    • You probably already get a ton of stuff from Amazon, and know and trust their quality and delivery.
    • This is a product that you’ll need to use continuously, so Amazon’s Subscribe and Save makes a lot of sense. As I write this article, you can save 5% on your first order and 15% on all subsequent auto-orders when you use Subscribe and Save:


amazon subscribe to save on rogaine


    • Amazon has both the foam and regular solution.
    • Amazon has competitive prices; we see that same 3 pack available for $44.97 – and that’s before any Subscribe and Save discounts.



Keeps is a solid choice for most men. Here’s why:


    • You get an actual doctor’s visit. That means you can have professional help choosing the right treatment option. AND, because a doctor is involved, you can get a finasteride prescription. In most states the visit is conducted entirely online, so you don’t even have to talk to anyone.
    • Keeps has a number of different hair loss treatments, and they may work better together than just Minoxidil. In particular, studies have shown that finasteride, which they offer, works for many men.
    • You can save money by bundling medicines at Keeps, getting a subscription for both Minoxidil and finasteride at the same time.
    • Keep’s pricing is competitive; We’ve actually partnered with Keeps to offer Fin vs Fin readers an exclusive 50% discount, so you might as well give it a shot. You can cancel any time, or it will be $10 per month which is still a great value. You also get discounts for buying in bulk!


Speaking of discounts, we have a newsletter that covers all the latest offerings. Subscribe below to stay in the loop:



Comparing Rogaine and Keeps’ Pricing



Given that these medicines have the same concentrations of the same active ingredient, comparing the cost makes a lot of sense. Here is how the cost of getting Rogaine on Amazon and from Keeps compares:



Rogaine vs Keeps: Price Comparison Chart

Keeps vs Rogaine: Minoxidil Price Comparison

Solution5% Minoxidil Drops5% Minoxidil Drops
Price of a subscription$30 for 3 months$42.74 for 3 months
Subscription price per day$.33 per day$.47 per day
Price of a single package$20 for the 1st order of 3 months$44.99 for a 3 month package
ShippingFreeFree with Prime



Which offers a more effective treatment for hair loss?

What’s happening on your head as you go bald? The hair on your head grows in little clusters called “follicles.” Follicles are little sacs or clumps of cells that produce hair. These sacs rely on lots of nourishment to keep producing that healthy wig we all find so attractive. Minoxidil supposedly increases the amount of nourishment that flows to your hair follicles.

There are a number of studies that have shown Minoxidil to work for many men. We’ve seen studies showing between 40% and 60% of men had increased “hair density” or reduced loss. And we’ve also seen a study quoted that says that, when used for 48 weeks, men see a 12 to 18% increase in total hair count.

Since both Rogaine and Keeps use the same ingredient in the same concentration, they tend to be pretty equally effective. BUT, Keeps offers a major difference that could help you, well, keep, significantly more of your hair — finasteride.

Finasteride blocks DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a hormone derived from testosterone. Current medical thinking is that DHT shrinks follicles. Finasteride helps block DHT in the skin, so can slow or prevent hair loss. Unlike Minoxidil, it is a pill that needs to be taken every day. Like Minoxidil, if you stop taking the drug balding will start again almost immediately. I’ve taken both Minoxidil and Finasteride to stem hair loss, and for what its worth, I’m happy to share my experience.


My personal Anecdote:

I started losing my hair in my twenties, and started using the liquid Rogaine that I bought from my local pharmacy. I tried the foam, but think it was as easy to apply as the liquid in the dropper. It seemed to work, because I felt that I wasn’t really losing my hair anymore. The only side effect I noticed was dry scalp, which was sometimes itchy and sometimes seemed to give me some dandruff. Thankfully, I was able to treat this with dandruff shampoo. I stopped using it when my wife and I wanted to have a kid – eventually I noticed I was starting to lose my hair again. I think that Minoxidil did work for me, and I’m starting it up again in conjunction with finasteride. And, yes, I recommend getting these two drugs from an online player like Keeps – mainly because 1) you don’t have to physically see a doctor 2) they deliver the meds to your house 3) you don’t have to hit the buzzer at a pharmacy for someone to unlock the Rogaine cabinet, announcing to the whole store that you are losing your hair and 4) it’s cheaper to get the online subscriptions and doctor visit vs. doing it the old fashioned way.


There are some brands that focus on hair loss prevention without the use of finasteride or Minoxidil, such as KeepItAnchored for both men and women. Check out our review of their products to learn more about the science behind them.


Which do we recommend, Keeps or Rogaine?

Both Keeps and Rogaine offer their own brand of minoxidil. Which is right brand for you?

First of all, we highly recommend that you purchase this online instead of going to the pharmacy. Since shipping is included with both Keeps and for Amazon Prime members, why bother dragging yourself into a pharmacy to wait in line and battle traffic in the parking lot? With more and more pharmacies putting their expensive items behind shoplifting prevention plastic barriers — who wants to have to talk to an associate about grabbing a bottle of the “I’m going bald” stuff?

Because tag-teaming treatments ensures you’re trying everything you can to not go bald, we recommend Keeps. With Keeps, you can get the two proven medicines known to help stop your hair loss — Minoxidil and Finasteride — in a single subscription. Plus, you get a real, painless, doctor’s visit without having to leave your home (or even talk to anyone in most states.) Keep’s pricing is very competitive, even beating Amazon for comparable Minoxidil subscriptions, so even if you only want low-cost Rogaine, Keeps is a solid option. Give them a try, and take advantage of our exclusive partnership with them that gets you 50% off your first order!

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