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Cove Migraine Relief and Treatment Reviews

Review: Cove Migraine Relief & Prevention

If you suffer from migraines, you know that crippling migraine pain can put a serious wrench in your day. These are far from your average headaches, and they take a toll on a billion people across the globe. Cove, a

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Top D2C Dental Startups

Best DTC Dental Care Startups of 2020

Have you noticed the wave of new startups selling dental care treatments, oral hygiene products, and even basic orthodontic services — all directly to consumers online. From luxury toothpaste subscriptions to invisible teeth aligners and  smartphone-powered LED teeth whitening devices,

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goPuff Reviews

Review: goPuff Convenience Store Delivery App

Ever have a craving for Funyuns that just won’t go away? What about Pop-Tarts? Okay, maybe you’re just a Reese’s Pieces kinda person. Whatever your vice, chances are goPuff has it in stock.   Founded in Philadelphia in the last

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Nurx birth control delivery

Review: Nurx Birth Control Delivery

Easy access to birth control shouldn’t be a privilege today. Yet there are still plenty of obstacles that keep us women from conveniently getting the contraception we need.  For those without health insurance, the high cost of medications is one…

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Keeps vs Propecia

Keeps vs Propecia: What’s the Difference?

Keeps and Propecia are two popular options for treating male hair loss. If you’re losing hair, which  is the case for about 53% of American men over 40, then you’re probably researching these kinds of products and wondering what the

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